Legal, Estate & Probate Research

A proven ancestral relationship can make a world of difference in settling probate matters.

We offer a wide range of solutions for:

  • Missing Heirs
  • Lost Beneficiaries
  • Legatees
  • Share holders
  • Pension Plan Recipients
  • Former Property Owners
  • Estranged Family Members.

Our professional Heir / Estate / Legal Research services are designed to help attorney’s and potential heirs to either establish or disprove legal rights to inheritance. These services are provided to establish credibility, discover documentation, and other genealogical evidence needed to make your case. Our professional genealogists take the information you have regarding the ancestors, and through in-depth research and analysis,  certify the lineage of the individual. Even if  little is known about the genealogy of individual, we have references proving our ability in solving the most challenging family history mysteries.

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