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558986_10151369741793693_1848051085_nPhilip (Phil) Hayes is the CEO of Sirius Innovations, LLC. As CEO of Sirius Innovations, LLC, he served as a Technology Solutions Consultant and Web Applications Programmer for fortune 500 companies, large municipalities and hospitals.  He is fluent in the SQL, ColdFusion, PHP and Javscript programming languages.  He is also a power user of the WordPress Content Management System, commonly used for blogging.

Phil’s latest product development includes a service called ‘Map The Past’.  The advanced, yet easy to use functionality offered in this product will enable its members to “Walk in the Footsteps of Their Ancestors”. 

Phil became a Genealogy addict when in 1998, his Uncle, Lloyd W Lewis, sat he and his wife down on the deck of his Uncle’s Pennsylvania home and told them the story of his Great, Great Grandfather Henry W. Lewis, the Privateer.  The story was so intriguing that Phil found himself yearning for more details.  Hence….  Philip Hayes, the Genealogist was born.  Leveraging his technology skills, Philip has grown and developed the family tree well beyond what his Uncle could have ever dreamed of.

Combining the power of technology and the primary sources from historical documents, Philip developed his own family history web site, based on the Word Press Content Management System (  Upon publishing the site, it has inspired many people to develop interest in the family’s history and has connected Philip to several undiscovered relatives and their family stories. 

Phil is a member of numerous historical and genealogy societies, including the Association of Professional Genealogists

Walking in the Footsteps of our Ancestors

footstepsIn this presentation, participants will be guided through 4-5 of Phil’s favorite family history success stories and show how they were researched and documented.  He will go on to explain how these stories were presented to family family members.  This is sort of a motivational / inspiration presentation that encourages participants to join the genealogy craze.


Fire Up Your Research, The Digital Genealogist Is Here!

Smartphone with cloud of application icons

This presentation is an overview of the dozens of mobile and desktop applications that are used by Digital Genealogists in the pursuit of their ancestors.  Some applications are used for research ancestors.  Some are used to record your research..  And still others are for presenting your stories to family members.  Learn about the ones that will benefit your efforts the most.

Blogging Your Genealogy

iStock_000008508482XSmallBlogging your genealogy is a great way to document your research and share your findings with family members around the world.  In the presentation we will show you how to do that.

Google & Boolean Search Queries

googleninjaGoogle is the most powerful tool available worldwide for online research! With over 20 billion pages in Google’s index of the Web, it’s likely that some of them contain clues about your ancestors. We’ll show you the tips and tricks you need to find your ancestors.


Making The Most of Digital Newspapers

30736The are numerous digital newspapers collections available, both on and off the internet. This presentation will discuss these collections, the pros and cons of each and what kind of things you can find in them that relate to your ancestors.


Evernote … Your Genealogy Research Assistant

evernoteEvernote is an extremely powerful tool that can be used for a wide variety of purposes.  But for the digital genealogist, it will turbo-charge your research, providing you with an free / inexpensive tool to capture, manage and recall every bit of research you do!  It’s available on just about every modern day platform, desktop or mobile and doubles as a back-up service for your valuable collection of notes, documents, photos, audio recordings, and more.  This is a must have tool for anybody using computers when going genealogy research.


Digitizing Your Photo Collection

Pile of old black and white family photographs on a table

The presentation focuses on what to do with all those family and historical pictures you have collected. This presentation will cover the different types of photographs you may encounter, how to digitize them and what to do with the originals. We will also cover many applications to asset you in managing your photo collections.


Cousin Encounters of The Third Kind

Cousin-images-for-whatsapp-group-dpThis presentation will demonstrate various ways to find living relatives and suggest several techniques on how to make contact with them. Several success stories will be explained in detail


  • Middlesex Genealogical Society
    Robert E. (Pete) Kenyon III. VP – Programs
  • Westchester County Genealogy Society\
    Philomena Dunn, President
  • Genealogical Society of Bergen County
    Mary Beth Craven, Program Chair
  • New Castle Historical Society
    THURSDAY:  Learn how to climb your family tree



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