Speaking Engagement: Digitizing & Managing Your Treasured Photo Collection

Phil Hayes will be returning to the Westchester Genealogical Society to present his new program “Digitizing & Managing Your Treasured Photo Collection”.  In this presentation, he will be coving the following topics:

  • Scanning Your Photographs
    • What are the basic strategies of scanning photos, slides and oversized photos?
    • Should I consider outsourcing the digitization of my photographs to Costco or other service provider?
    • How do I digitize daguerreotype photos?
    • What scanner should I use?  Aren’t they al the same?
    • What resolution should photo’s be scanned at?
    • What format should photos be stored in?
  • Managing Your Photograph Collections
    • What is Adobe Photoshop Essentials and Adobe Lightroom and how can I use them?
    • How can I fix the brightness or color balance of a photo?
    • How can I repair a damaged photograph
  • Home Movie Conversions
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